My Opinion About Valentine’s Day

By | January 25, 2017

Today is Valentine’s known to be the day that couples put together caring gifts, flowers or where they go out to eat a romantic dinner together. A day to give commends each other, but this has not always been.
If we go back in time, so there are several different stories about why we celebrate Valentines Day 2017.

The First Story About Valentine’s Day
The first story is about Valentine’s Day is named after the Roman priest named Valentine. He lived around the year 250, but died early when he defied the Roman emperor orders that young soldiers not to marry.
Instead of following the emperor’s order, he devoted them and eventually it was discovered, which led to his arrest and later beheaded on Feb. 14 – the day that we are today celebrating the love today.
The second Story of Valentine
Another story tells that the Christian priest Valentine helped Christians, who were persecuted by Catholics. Eventually he was arrested by the emperor’s people and was given the choice, choose Christianity from or have a death penalty. Because of his strong faith, he chose Christianity, which led to his death on 14 February.
Before he was hanged, he wrote a very personal and loving farewell letter to his beloved and is reportedly the letter that led to that right many people around the world, writes romantic valentines to each other every year.
A tradition which I also think is really cute, and simultaneously achievable for most.
Priest who devote a couple
What’s Valentine’s Day today?
Although the stories are different, so says both legend that the Roman Catholic Church chose to appoint Valentine saint after his death and from thereon, was he to Sankt Valentine and got its own public holiday on 14 February. In recent times, Valentine is no longer a public holiday, but the day has instead become an anniversary which is celebrated all over the world.
In Denmark it is a relatively new tradition, but in particular the United States and Finland is celebrated the day great.
The month of February was – in general – a very popular month for couples in love. Besides Valentine came to a little later, so celebrated already goddess of love with a big party and it was also in February that put young people together in pairs at the popular the February-feasts.
Today, Valentine had a different meaning for many people, as many believe that it is created for commercial reasons, which I can partially understand when you open the flyers and watching the massive advertising for Valentine’s Day offer.
My opinion about Valentine’s Day
My mantra has always been that Valentine is what we make it. If you want to spoil your sweetheart with gifts, flowers because he / she deserve it, do it! But if you’d rather write a personal card to her / him, do it instead, and if you do not want to do anything on Valentine’s Day, do not! The most important thing is, after all, that we remember to be there for our girlfriend and tell her / him how much we commend her / him every day.
Another reason that Valentine’s Day is not as popular today is that many are signs or have difficulty finding the only one that can meet the massive demands we place on our girlfriend today. For them, I can well understand that it can be a tough time, but instead of condemning Valentine, so make it a good day when you do exactly what you want. That way you pamper you and create a day that is a little better than other good days.
In a life where many homes are filled with stress and worry, these anniversaries a much needed opportunity to stop and appreciate the things that we sometimes forget to daily.


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